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29 Feb 2016

Wedgewood Furniture — Wedgewood Furniture displays brilliant engineering with its line of pack-flat, tool-free, assembled furniture, machined from bamboo plywood. Wedgewood’s designs are modern, sleek and contemporary built for indoor and outdoor settings including patios, sun rooms, modern living rooms, and dining areas.


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HIGH POINT — Wedgewood Furniture makes ready-to-assemble indoor or outdoor furniture with a twist.

But not the twist of a screwdriver or turn of a wrench.

In fact, this high-end, bamboo plywood furniture has a patented assembly system that requires no tools, screws, nuts, bolts or fasteners. Held together with interlocking hooks, grooves and wedges, Wedgewood says its furniture is sturdy and stable, with full assembly completed in two minutes or less.

But here’s where the twist comes in. Every piece from Wedgewood’s two lines, which include sofas, chairs, tables, benches and rocking chairs, can be disassembled to be packed or stored flat, as many times as needed, without wear and tear or damage to the furniture pieces — something that Wedgewood President Gifford Cochran says other RTA or flat-pack furniture cannot claim.

“This is high-end furniture with compelling design that you can easily take it apart and store flat, taking up minimal space in a garage or shed,” said Cochran. “Instead of buying covers and covering it up if you live in a colder climate, just put it up for the winter and then take it back out and assemble in minutes. It’s ideal.”


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La linea de mobiliario Beat fue diseñada por Diego Arévalo Pliego y Gifford Cochran para que su producción, distribución, venta y mantenimiento causaran el menor impacto ambiental posible, para lo que se diseñó una selección de materiales adecuados, procesos eficientes, empaques adecuados y armados sencillos.


El material que se selección para la producción de esta línea fue triplay de bambú de 1 pulgada de espesor. La dureza y durabilidad que nos da el tripla de bambú es comparable con la dureza de maderas duras como la teka. La apariencia es de una madera con buen aspecto y suave textura. El contenido de aglutinantes para formar los tableros está regulado internacionalmente.


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